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Why Go On A Field Trip When… WE BRING THE MUSEUM TO YOU!
  • No more expensive buses
  • No more counting kids
  • No more bathroom breaks
Give Your Students & Teachers What They Really Want. A Interactive School Assembly That’s Educational, Hands-On & Includes A Fossil Dig With Specimens To Keep And Take Home!
To Book Your School Assembly - Call Us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

Programs available NY, NJ, CT. PA, RI, MA, VA, MD, CA
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Choose from 3 Amazing School Assemblies:
1. Start Here First… Click the movie below to get a quick overall description of each of our School Assemblies…
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Adding just one or two of these “tweaks” can make your School Assembly the hit of the year!
  • 3 Insider School Assembly Tips Every PTA Needs To Know…
  • 5 School Assembly Tips An Experienced PTA Can Use Immediately…
  • The Most Common School Assembly Problems PTA’s Face…
  • 6 Questions Every PTA Should Ask About Hosting A School Assembly….
  • 3 Mistakes Almost Every PTA Seems To Make When Hosting A School Assembly & How To fix Them Fast…
  • Plus Lots More!!
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2. Now, hear what Principals & Teachers have said about our School Assemblies - LIVE INTERVIEWS…
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Dear Dinosaurs Rock Company, Many thanks for coming to Memorial Elementary School on Apri1, 2016 on behalf of the Science Honors Society of East Brunswick High School. Not only did the children have a great time digging for fossils and learning about the prehistoric times, but so did the high school students from the Science Honors Society and Memorial Elementary School teachers/staff. It was a great opportunity for the students in East Brunswick High School to interact with the elementary school children and influence them to learn more about science. The event overall was a great success and it could not have been possible without Dinosaurs Rock. Once again thank you so much for the amazing presentation of fossils and hands-on activities at the Memorial Elementary School.
Esha Rao, President of Science Honors Society
Kids LOVE our Instructors who keep them engrossed in our fascinating topics…
3. Click on any program below for Quick Details…
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Amazing Museum Display
HIGHLY INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION: Prehistoric Insects - Insect Life Cycles - Insects Parts - Adaptation - How A Fly Flies - Bugs
Mosquitoes - Fireflies - Cicadas - Bees - Ants - Butterflies - Dragonflies - Arachnids
Students finish of with Polishing AMBER to keep & More…

4. CALL US or fill in our CONTACT US Form

Call Us: 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

  • Authentic Museum Quality Specimens, Touch many specimens no Museum would ever let you near
  • Fast Paced Highly Interactive Presentation
  • Lots of Student Participation
  • Each Program Ends with a Genuine Fossil Dig or Gem Mining Experience and/or Sea Shell Dig where students keep and take home specimens
  • Extend Your Learning by Identifying your specimen in your classroom using our ID Charts
  • Great for Kindergarten thru 8th Grade - Grade specific presentations
  • Some programs use a huge Multi-Media Background for further engagement & to further clarify items discussed.

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DINOSAURS ROCK School Assembly
DINOSAURS ROCK School Assembly
DINOSAURS ROCK Schoool Assembly
DINOSAURS ROCK Schoool Assembly

Entry into your school is extremely important.

With many heavy specimens and digs, we need to be as close to the room we are presenting in as possible WITHOUT STEPS.

PLEASE advise your office and Custodial Staff to day prior to our arrival.

The short video at the bottom of this page will explain our set-up needs.

Thank You so much in advance!!

Play this short video below - it will answer any question you have regarding our set-up needs once we arrive to your school…

IMPORTANT INFO TO KEEP - Please pass this along to your Custodial staff or to whomever needs to know about our School Assembly needs the day prior to our arrival: (click on movie to start)

IMPORTANT School Assembly Info from Neil Brown on Vimeo.

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To Book Your School Assembly - Call Us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

Principal, PTA & Teacher Testimonials…

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To Book Your School Assembly - Call Us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

e-mail: info@dinosaursrock.com

1-800-411-DINO (3466)