Dinosaurs Rock Birthday Parties, Gemstone Mining Parties as well as OCEANS Birthday Parties. Imagine Finding and keeping real fossils, gemstones and petting a real shark in your living room along with collecting the coolest sea shells and more. Over 17 years of providing millions of extremely satisfied parents & kids with what they consider their BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!

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DINOSAURS ROCK® offers the most authentic learning experience with our expansive exhibits of museum quality specimens.

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Programs available NY, NJ, CT. PA, RI, MA, VA, MD, CA
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You’ve found the original Dinosaur Birthday Party (Gems & Oceans too!!) celebrating 17+ years of providing an authentic, entertaining learning experience.

Don’t be fooled by Costume Entertainment Companies… WE bring out a 30+ Piece Museum Exhibit with Specialized Experts who have REAL KNOWLEDGE…

Plus kids take home REAL FOSSLS & MINERALS - See Details Below…

Listen To What Other Parents Had To Say…

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“The kids had a great time. The parents said it was the best party they’ve ever been too!!”
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“The Best Party We Have Ever Had - BEST MONEY SPENT!!”

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“Our friends still talk about our DINOSAURS ROCK Birthday Party from 2 years ago - the best!”
Slightly overdue but wanted to express how successful the event was for our son’s birthday. Peter was great both as an instructor and story teller as well as his interaction with the kids. All the kids (and event parents) were completely engrossed in the show and amazed at the specimens. My little guy is still talking about it and is waiting for Peter to come back with the rest of the bones to put together a complete dinosaur!
Michael (DINOSAURS ROCK® Birthday Party)
Dinosaur Birthday Party
Save yourself a lot of time and create a “hassle-free” birthday party for your child.
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  • The #1 Time Saving Tip For Hosting A Party…
  • The Most common Birthday Problems Mom’s Face…
  • 6 Questions Every Mom Should Ask When Hosting A Birthday Party…
  • 3 Mistakes Everyone Seems To Make When Hosting A Birthday Party & How To Fix Them Fast…
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DINOSAURS ROCK® Birthday Party
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  • A Real Dinosaur & Fossil Museum In Your Home or outside facility
  • Dynamic, Fun Interactive Show using 25+ Life-size pieces (ex 5-ft wide T-Rex Skull)
  • See & Touch Museum Quality Specimens (ex. Dinosaur Egg, Dinosaur Footprint, and more)
  • Genuine Fossil Dig - Find & take home Dinosaur Bone, Shark Teeth and more
  • Games - Dino Egg Hunt, Dino Races or Ring Toss Over T-Rex Foot To Win Prizes
Extend the length and fun of your party with Excavation Blocks, Geode Opening, Shark Tooth Necklace Making, Jewelry Making and more - SEE BELOW For Details.
Premium Package: Dig for 5 Specimens
$450 for up to 12 kids
(Additional guests at $15 each)
A-La-Cart Goodie Bags $6.95 each
Super Premium: Collect 10 Specimens & Get 18 Amazing Pre-Made Goodie Bags $550 for up to 18 kids Additional kids ($20 each)
Excavation (Details Below): Collect upwards of 25 - 30 specimens - a real fossil hunting expedition! A-La-Carte OPTION at $10 per child.
TRAVEL: Boroughs & Long Island $25 Toll Fee
NYC $75 Additional Fee.

Giant 7-ft Deinonychus Skeleton Available for Rental for your Birthday Party

Unbelievable photo opportunity and to make your child’s Special Birthday different than all the others!
Rental Price $450
Dinosaur Birthday PArty

Book Your Birthday Party Now, Call Us At 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

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GEMS ROCK® “Mining” Birthday Party
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Who wants to find a real ruby, emerald or sapphire right at their own home? This and many other beautiful stones can be found at one of our GEMSTONE MINING Birthday Parties.

  • Fun, educational show
  • Museum display of minerals and gemstones
  • Panning for gemstones (keep 10 specimens) or upgrade to our GEMS EXCAVATION BLOCK for a realistic experience. Keep up to 25 - 30 specimens (additional cost)
  • Break Open Crystal Filled Geodes
Extend the length and fun of your party. For only $10 additional per child, add in our GEMS EXCAVATION BLOCKS - it’s like being on a Prospecting Adventure and your guests get to take home upwards of 25+ specimens.
Gift Ideas - Check out our online DINOSAURS ROCK SUPERSTORE
Get photos - minerals on faux cord, minerals on wooden stand, popcorn rock, rock candy, wooden treasure boxes for their finds
Pricing: $550 for up to 18 kids
$20 per additional child
I am blown away with the success of my son’s 6th birthday. He wanted the GEMS ROCK party and I am so glad that I found DINOSAURS ROCK®. The instructors were fabulous. They kept the children engaged and busy for almost two full hours. The children were learning and having fun at the same time. The kids loved breaking geodes, panning for gems and the biggest hit was the excavation activity at the end. All the kids went home with tons of rocks, shark teeth, gems etc. I had several moms e-mail me after the party to let me know how their children have been talking about how much fun it was. Thank You DINOSAURS ROCK® for such a memorable and successful day!
Sam Cutler, California
OCEANS ROCK® Birthday Party
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Imagine, a real shark in your home. Plus, a sting ray, sea stars, jellyfish, a whole host of other fishes from the sea, beautiful seashells, coral, giant crabs, horseshoe crabs, sponges, and lots more. We Bring The Aquarium To You! All our specimens are professional taxidermies and look incredibly realistic.

  • Includes a Highly Visual Multi-Media Presentation if a Screen is available. Your Birthday Childs name is highlighted in the beginning and end of the presentation.
  • Dig, find and keep gorgeous seashells from around the world, fish, sea horses, sea stars, sea glass, and fossil shark teeth including the Megalodon Shark Teeth!
  • Touch a Sting Ray without Getting Stung
  • Pet a Shark without Getting Bitten
  • Games include a Shark Feeding Frenzy Race.
Pricing: $550 for up to 18 Children (includes Goodie Bags)
Additional kids are $20 each
Excavation Blocks - Additional $10 each child - see details below
Make a real 30-million year old fossil Shark Tooth Necklace - $5 each
Not Just A Party
This is an EVENT!
EXTREME Birthday PArty
The Ultimate. The Best Of The Best. The Party Your Friends Will Talking About For A Long Long Time!

  • Dynamic Presentation (with expanded exhibit using many of our LARGER SPECIMENS usually reserved only for our Large Scale Events
  • Our Ultimate EXCAVATION BLOCK DIG where your guests will find, keep and take home dinosaur bone, megalodon shark teeth, many different types of fossils and real cool crystals like Amethyst, Citrine, Pyrite and Quartz
  • Go Panning for Real Gemstones - Rubies, Emeralds, Topaz, Tourmaline and much more
  • Make a 30-Million Year Old Shark Tooth Necklace
  • Break Open Crystal Filled Geodes
  • Our Best Goodie Bag Ever - including a Genuine Fossil Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth & Vial filled with Real GOLD
Pricing: $1295 for up to 18 kids
Additional kids are $50 each
You can add one or more of our larger EXTREME PARTY Specimens to Any Other Party - Call Us For Pricing (845) 368-3466
STUFF-A-DINO Birthday Party
Stuff-A-Dino birthday Party
Stuff-A-Dino birthday Party
Our Amazing DINOSAUR PARTY with a twist.

  • Fantastic Display Of Museum Quality Specimens
  • Highly Interactive Presentation - Many of your guests will be asked to come up to participate.
  • Touch Many Specimens Museums won’t let you near.
  • Dig for Amazing Genuine Fossils to keep and take home
  • Create-Your-Own (giant 15-Inch) Plush-Stuffed-Dinosaur (not by machine)
  • Name your new beautiful creation and place a real stone heart inside and make a special wish!
Pricing: $695 for up to 15 kids
Additional kids $25 each
This will be the most talked about Birthday Party you ever had!! It is very important to us that we know exactly how to enter your home or facility - must be flat - no steps as there are many heavy specimens. Driveways are great, backyard porch or even your lawn (in the shade) is excellent as well.

One of the best “overlooked” areas to hold your event is your local Ambulance and/or Fire Department as they all have large easy to access party rooms with a lot of parking. Please provide 3 to 4 (6-ft tables) so our specimens do not have to be on the floor.

Book Your Birthday Party Now, Call Us At 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

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Make Your Party Even Better!

Our EXCAVATION BLOCKS make you feel like you are on a REAL FOSSIL & GEMSTONE DIG Right In Comfort Of Your Own Home. And - they are loaded with well over 100 Fossils, Minerals & Gemstones. The Ultimate in Prospecting.
PARTIES ONLY - These are only $10 Additional per child.
Crystal Filled GEODES
Kids & Adults alike are totally fascinated with these natural volcanically formed geodes (round spheres). Your kids will safely assist us in cracking them open to discover crystals that have been locked within the rock for well over 100 million years.

Each geode for Parties Only are an additional $7 each.
DINOSAURS ROCK - Break Your Own Crystal Filled Geodes!

Book Your Birthday Party Now, Call Us At 800-411-DINO (3466) or 845-368-3466

You can also visit our
CONTACT US Page and fill in our form and will will get back to you ASAP

Deposits are required within 1 week of booking your party or your date will be forfeited.
If you need to cancel due to illness, we will apply your deposit to the next party date available.


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