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DINOSAURS ROCK BIRTHDAY PARTIES - NYC (Manhattan) up to Albany, Long Island, NY, NJ, & CT.
California and Texas too.

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Children are fascinated with Dinosaurs, fossil & minerals. Until now, kids have had little opportunity to actually see up-close and touch these pieces of Jurassic history. DINOSAURS ROCK birthday party ideas, Dinosaur Parties and Educational Programs has added the sense of touch to learning about dinosaurs, fossils and minerals. Now your child can become a junior paleontologist digging for fossil treasures and experiencing the wonder of life over 65-million years ago.
Here's the original Dinosaur Birthday Party that a few may try to copy, but no one can ever match!

DINOSAURS ROCK has been sharing its passion for dinosaurs, fossils and minerals at children's parties for over 16 years. DINOSAURS ROCK is family-owned with an educational mission (no corporate sponsors here!)

DINOSAURS ROCK visits hundreds of schools, camps, museums, zoos, nature centers and of course, birthday party events each year. And DINOSAURS ROCK event clients include The Bronx Zoo and Newark Museum. We also provide educational supplies to over 800 Museums, Universities, and schools around the world.
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The experts at DINOSAURS ROCK can transform your home or party facility into a Dinosaur, Fossil or Mineral Museum. Guests will dig and discover genuine fossils and minerals to take home as a memorable treasure. Fun educational entertainment for kids 3-13.

We know Dinosaurs. Don't be fooled by someone who advertises a Dinosaur Birthday Party, but brings out only a few small pieces (and NO DINOSAURS) (we bring 30+ pieces to every party, including a giant t-rex skull!)...And why would you want to visit an outdoor park where 50% of on-line reviewers on rate the facility as only average or below, citing $4 drinks and smelly "temporary" bathrooms as some of the reasons why.
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Highly Professional, well trained and knowledgeable Instructors makes for an AMAZING Birthday Party Experience for your child.
Dinosaurs Rock Birthday Parties
DINOSAURS ROCK brings a museum to your home with genuine fossils and larger cast specimens - just like the ones we place in many museums around the world. Your DINOSAURS ROCK Birthday Party comes complete with a genuine fossil dig. Kids go home with genuine fossils, and learn about, see & touch some of the most incredible dinosaur fossils and minerals in the world.
Dinosaurs Rock Birthday Parties
Our children's birthday parties bring you incredible, museum quality fossils and minerals that children can actually see up close and touch. The kind usually only viewed behind museum glass. Our party ideas goal is to have each child learn to appreciate nature in its rarest form, through an entertaining, hands-on experience.

Call us at (845) 368-DINO (3466)
or 1-800-411-DINO (3466)

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Dinosaurs Rock Excavation Block

ABOVE: Kids at a DINOSAURS ROCK Excavation Birthday Party finding loads of great fossils, minerals and gemstones to keep and take home.

Choose From Two (2) Really Cool
Dinosaur Birthday Party Options:

Pricing Effective 3/30/16

(12 kids)
$15 per child over 12

  • Fun Interactive Presentation
  • Fossil Dig (5 specimens to take home)
  • Games: Egg Hunt & Ring Toss & win a toy dinosaur

Super Premium
(15 kids)
$20 per child over 15

  • Fun Interactive Presentation
  • Fossil Dig (10 specimens including really cool minerals to take home)
  • Games: Egg Hunt & Ring Toss
  • *Goodie Bags

A La Carte (Add On)
We recommend adding in our Over-The-Top AMAZING
EXCAVATION BLOCKS (instead of the regular dig)
This replicates what it’s like being on a fossil dig
Your guests take home 25 - 30 fossils/minerals
Only $10 additional per guest

Ask about our LITTLE RAPTORS version of the above DINOSAURS ROCK Birthday Parties
for your younger kids.

*Goodie Bags: Why bother spending an hour or more going to the store to find goodie bag items when you can get it from us for 1/2 price! Goodie Bags may include the following: Dinosaur Grabber, Dinosaur Glider, Dinosaur Straw, Dinosaur Tattoo, Dinosaur Ruler, Dinosaur Kaleidoscope, Dinosaur Finger Puppet or other Dinosaur-related time in stock.
Dinosaurs Rock Geodes
Great Party Add-On:
Each child gets to break their own geode to keep and take home. All have gorgeous crystals inside and will absolutely amaze you.
Only $5 each
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STUFF-A-DINO: A Great Party Add-On. These are large - about 15 - 18 inches tall. We bring the "fluff" to "stuff" - GREAT FUN.

Call us at (845) 368-DINO (3466)
or 1-800-411-DINO (3466)


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1 Penny Lane
Montebello, NY 10901
1-800-411-DINO (3466)